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| Howard at the Goodwood Revival in 2012 (Pics 1 & 2) and 2013 (Pics 3 & 4)

The Goodwood Revival is a motor racing event, staged in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Every attendee and participant must dress with clothes of the era.

Howard was racing this year with his Ford GT40 (not in the pictures).

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The very first Costa Coffee in Thailand. So what is missing now is Jason Orange as he was spotted in Costa quite often.
“Hey Jay! We have Costa now. When will you pay a visit, eh?” ^_^

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In “Take That” he was always the best dancer for many and designed the choreography of the band. Howard Donald also has enough expertise to sit on the jury of “Got To Dance” in June. In an interview with, the singer revealed why he prefers to be a judge at a talent show in Germany than in the UK - and what Gary Barlow says.

Howard Donald is excited. He is presented in Hamburg as a jury member of the ProSieben and Sat.1 show “Got To Dance”. By the side of Palina Rojinski, and the choreographer Nikeata Thompson, he is ready to judge dancers in the talent show that has been adapted from the UK. It’s his first job as a jury and he must speak German. He sets himself to the task - especially for his eight year old daughter who lives with her mother in Munster.

But before he demonstrate his skills speaking German, some casted dancers show him what they can do. A bodypopper impressed with choppy robotic movement, a group of girls in school uniforms dancing, hair swinging wildly, and a solo artist brings grace on the dance floor.

"The level of the dancers is very high," Howard Donald is tweeting after this performance. The 44-year-old comes with two cards on the stage. From them he reads what he wants to say to the journalists in the audience. “Dancing is my life and my work. I love it, I would not be here without it." That sounds rough, but there’s still time until June. Therefore, he prefers to speak on English with

You have declined three times to be in the British version of “Got To Dance”. Is that true?

No, I have rejected five times. (Laughs) No, I have declined one time. I was not ready when they asked me back then.

Why not?

I was too busy with many other things. But this year I am not so much and I really want to do it. It is a great challenge for me. I have to learn German for my daughter and now for the show, and I’m thrilled by the German dancers.

Was a reason to participate in the show that you can see your daughter in Germany more often?

No, because I see my daughter very often. Every two weeks we are together for a few days. I have an apartment in Munster and I live there temporarily.

Your “Take That” mate Gary Barlow is a judge at “X Factor” in the UK since 2011. Did he give you any advice?

He hasn’t been able to do it, because he doesn’t know yet.

How will he react to the news?

He will be very happy for me. I’m also happy when he became member of the jury. If there is anyone who can judge about singing, it’s Gary Barlow. He sings since he was twelve years old.

And you started dancing at the age of 13. By whom were you discovered?

I discovered myself. I have done breakdancing with another guy. We were the “Dynamic Duo”, we had a common “Bodypopping” routine and we performed on the street, in shopping malls or in competitions. After that I started to dance properly.

What role does dancing have today in your everyday life?

It’s not actually so big now in my everyday life as before. For my daily life consists of learning German, swimming, doing yoga and be a DJ. And I like to ride my race car.

Race car? Where do you do that?

On routes in England. I’ve got my own race car. It is challenging and keeps you fit. Eventually I would like to drive a car on the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring, because this is probably the most technically challenging route around the world.

Could you still dance just as the dancers who are participating in “Got To Dance” on stage?

No, probably not. (Laughs) That’s a lot of training, hard work, blood, sweat and tears. They focus only on dancing, and that’s great.


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